Zana is talking some

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So, Zana woke up screaming this morning at 5:30am. She always wakes up mad, it doesn’t matter if it’s 2am and she just wants a drink of water, or it’s 8am and she slept in and now wants to get up, she just yells and yells. So this morning at 5:30, I got her a sippy cup and dropped it in her crib. She kept yelling and yelling. Usually she gets her cup drinks two drinks and goes back to sleep.

I got up 10 minutes later to see what the matter was. She was standing up in her crib yelling, and as I walked in she pointed to her sippy cup on the other side of the crib…as if she couldn’t get it herself. I obliged, because I wanted to go back to sleep, but she waved her hand frantically back and forth as they do to indicate “no,” then reaches for me to pick her up and yells, “Duuh,” which means “done.”

I went back to bed and told Scott that Zana had just demanded that she was done sleeping. We talked about how she’s crazy and then decided we’d better get up and get her.

These girls know like a total of 7 words, and she has the nerve to use them to tell me she’s “done” sleeping at 5:30am…sheesh.

In contrast, Andrew at this age would just cry nicely and stop crying when you picked him up. The when you thought he might be drifting back off to sleep would silently raise his arm and point out the door, and then continue pointing down the hall and into the living room, until you were far enough from his bed. So polite, yet still so adamant about not sleeping in.

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