Woke Up Laughing

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I had a funny dream last night that made me laugh out loud in my sleep.

My dad, sister and I were at my dad’s parents’ house. Sara, my sister, was talking with my grandma and great grandma in their living room. I was in another room going through some old picture albums. I overheard my great grandma tell my sister about something that they had done that day. She replied, “neat.” My great grandmother is like 97 or something and can’t hear well, so naturally she asked, “what?”

“Neat,” Sara said.
“What?” great grandma replied again.
This went on like this: “Neat.” “WHAT.” “Neat, NEAT!” “WHAT, I CAN”T HEAR YOU.”

Finally, my grandma decides to sort out the situation and help both parties to fully understand each other by yelling to my great grandma, “NIECE, she said, ‘NIECE!’”

In the other room, I busted up laughing and laughing. When my dad came in, I told him what had happened. He rolled his eyes and we both laughed.

That’s how I woke up last night: laughing.

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