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In an adventurous mood, I decided to drive the kids and me up to northern California to visit my dad and other relatives there. Scott had to work, so sadly he didn’t get to come. We had fun visiting and generally just hanging out doing fun summer activities. The weather was amazing and there were no bugs. Normally, Willows has a ton and a half of mosquitoes (which my dad insists bite us so much, because they prefer southern California blood) and is really hot, but while we were there it was in the 70s and you could go outside in the evening without being eaten alive.

Last year my grandma had fallen and broken her pelvic bone the day before we were to drive up there, so we only got to see her at the hospital. It wasn’t easy at all trying to keep three little kids happy in a small room, where they were not allowed to touch anything. Her break healed up pretty well though, and she walks with a cane, but is much more active again. It was really nice for her to see the kids playing at her house and just being themselves, and it was much less depressing for me to have her up and doing well than in a hospital and not able to interact with us much due to the pain killers.

Before our trip to Willows that point in the summer, I had been having a bit of a hard time keeping the kids entertained all day and had been getting frustrated with them while in our little apartment with few toys. I think I was also getting spoiled with having Scott or our relatives around to help with the kids. When I was home alone with them, I was wishing someone else was there with me. It was good for me to go on a trip with them by myself, since I knew I was the one who had to take care of them all the time. They are such sweet little kids. Once I got used to planning a little in advance to help them not get too tired or bored or hungry, we were able to have a lot of fun.

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