Why Do I Have This Blog?

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I’ve been struggling to figure out why I have this blog. I already have one blog that is more for our future business pursuits, and Scott’s website takes care of all our need to tell family about our lives and how cute the baby is. Is this blog destined to be a site of mindless ramblings?

I decided to start it in order to try out the K2 theme on WordPress. Scott hyped it up, so I had to try it myself. I found a style that I liked, and the header somehow satisfies a strange need to have something electronic and girly and pretty…and of course trendy with its cool flower. Once the header was there, there was no giving it up.

I considered just changing the theme on A Start Up Life to K2 and using the header there. However, I customized the theme on A Start Up Life, and I think it’s good for our blog of business ventures not to look too trendy and cookie cutter.

So, what should I do? Should I target this blog to my family only and link to our family website? Or, should I keep this blog somewhat professional as an addition to our future business public relations and publicity? For now, I guess I’ll continue with randomness and ramblings.

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