Who’s pregnant?

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Oh, that’s right…it’s me. I guess by your fifth child you just don’t have time to think about being pregnant. I’ve been thinking I should do a pregnancy update, and then a few people started asking about one too, so here you have it. We’ve finally overcome some technical difficulties of 1. there being exactly zero recent pictures of me, and 2. this video not getting uploaded properly the first time around. Ellie took the video at soccer practice last month, and it’s the best pregnant shot of me that we have. If you don’t want to watch the whole thing, scroll to the end where you get an up-close belly shot.

I know I’m lucky to have super easy pregnancies: a little dizziness and just occasional nauseousness that goes away by about 12 or 13 weeks, awesome second trimester with no complaints at all, and third trimesters that are a little uncomfortable as I get bigger (with twins the discomfort was more, but still I was out and about doing things with Andrew). Even the sciatica I was complaining about last month went away completely a couple of days later. My number one complaint at 29 weeks is that I am itchy. Some nice cocoa butter to the tummy at night seems to be helping a bit.

My doctor is really hands-off this time around too. I had an appointment today and we just listened to the heartbeat, she told me my weight looks great, and told me to just keep going about my normal day. That’s how it goes every time.

Having Andrew back at school has been interesting for me. I didn’t tell any of the other moms or dads from Andrew’s class about being pregnant, so I showed back up after summer looking really pregnant. Everyone is like, “So, number 5, eh?” They’ve been polite, but I don’t really know how to respond. Last year, there was another mom that had four kids with her oldest being the kindergartner (her youngest two were twins), and I was secretly hoping she would show up pregnant too. Then we could be the crazy ones together. She’s not pregnant though…bummer.

Speaking of comments I’ve gotten lately…I walked into Costco with all four kids the other day…I really do try to shop without all of them, but we had to get new tires there, so I had no choice…anyway, the greeter/card checker guy was this old guy trying to be funny and he said, “Are you that woman who lives in a shoe?” Seriously…bad joke. Anywho, I just said no and then proceeded to answer all the kids’ inquiries about when he meant, which went on for like 10 minutes.

To end on a good note, we did get many samples at Costco, and since we were just browsing all the isles, the girls were swooning over the Christmas dresses, when one lady overheard Zana squeal, “I always, always wanted a dress like this!” The lady approached me and gave me her number explaining that she has twin 10-year old girls who have outgrown all their Christmas and Easter dresses, and she would love to give them to us since the dresses all match and she can’t bear to break up the pairs. Score for us…especially since I’m too cheap to buy new, sparkly dresses for each holiday. I have to call the lady still, and pick up the dresses, but if it all pans out, I’ll do a fashion show blog post for you.



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  1. Shelly O

    Oh I know what you mean. I finally realized I needed to make sure I had the necessary gear (thank you Craigslist). Keeping track of four is a lot!! Minimal pictures here as well.

    Cross Country coach asked me yesterday if this was a surprise. You should have seen her face when I said it wasn’t! The lady I bought the carseat from seemed taken aback as well. Oh the fun!

    Glad you are doing so well!!