Whirlwind Tour of Fall

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Hey look! A post I wrote in January that never got published somehow.

Although it doesn’t seem like it, we really did more during fall than just wait around for Lydia. Here’s a super fast version of fall.

In September Andrew started first grade. Andrew wants to be a fireman, Elira a ballerina, and Zana a light blue fairy.

Back to School

October was a super busy month. First, we took another ski trip. This time it was to Lake Nacimiento, where the kids learned to easy-ski.

Lake Nacimiento

Scott tried to get a concusion.

Lake Nacimiento1

And Miles looked super cute.

Lake Nacimiento2

We did crafts during general conference and some yoga.

At Home2

We did lots of fun Halloween stuff.


November brought Miles’ birthday number 2.

Miles' 2nd B-day

Andrew turned into an awesome soccer player. He mostly played defense.

Soccer Tournament

We went to St. George to visit Scott’s grandparents, and the only thing I took pictures of was our rocket launch day.

Thanksgiving in St

Finally, in December I was really pregnant and Miles put stickers on me.

Getting Ready for Christmas1

We got a Christmas tree.

Getting Ready for Christmas

And then we were a family with five kids.


Stay tuned for a post with links to the photo albums of all these events. Or check the photos page.


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