We have medicine!

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Andrew’s been sick with a fever and a cough since Saturday, and today I took him to the doctor a second time. When I took him to the doctor on Tuesday they said, “it looks like a virus, but if his fever doesn’t come down by tomorrow, bring him in again and we’ll check for pneumonia, since we’ve seen some older kids with that.” So his fever didn’t come down, and I made an appointment for this morning. However, last night at 3am, his fever did come down and didn’t go back up, but I decided to go to the appointment anyway.

So I’m all for not giving antibiotics to any kid with a sniffly nose in order to avoid the creation of supergerms. I mean, I even feel bad every time I use hand sanitizer. Killing off those 99.9% of bacteria and allowing the 0.1% stronger germs to survive is just asking to multiply and spread supergerms everywhere. On a sidenote, admitting the existence of supergerms multiplied by the overuse of antibiotics is an admission of a belief in evolution. Yep, I believe that bacteria evolve…it’s survival of the 0.1% fittest all the way.

But seriously, want to know what you have to go through to get some antibiotics?

  • Checks normal stuff: Stethoscope, light in your eyes, stick holding down your tongue, etc.
  • Check for strep throat: Stick holding down your tongue, Q-tip swabbing your throat and making you gag, getting pinned to the table.
  • Check for urinary tract infection: Of course as an 11-month old you can’t pee in a cup, so you have to use a catheter. Of course you haven’t had much to eat or drink in 6 days, so you have to keep the catheter in (and get pinned to the table, while crying as hard as possible) for like 5 minutes while the urine slowly drips out.
  • Check for blood stuff: Here you put on a tourniquet (which you don’t mind, surprisingly) and then guess where your invisible veins are, get stuck with a needle, and keep that there for 5 minutes while the blood slowly drips out (and get pinned in mommy’s arms, while crying as hard as possible).
  • Check for pneumonia: Get trapped in a dark room with strangers without your mommy (and get pinned to a chest x-ray machine, while crying as hard as possible).

The results: No strep throat, no urinary tract infection, borderline looks like a virus based on the blood stuff, borderline looks like there’s something in his lungs from the chest x-ray.

So, what do I think? His fever has been down all day without Tylenol or anything. He took a four-hour nap when we finally got home from the doctor’s. He ate more for dinner than he has all week and seems to be a lot more cheerful. I think it was just a virus after all, and it took one more day for the fever to come down that the doctor thought.

But whatever, I’m giving him the antibiotics anyway. And I for one welcome our new supergerm overlords.

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