Total Meltdown

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I really need to go to bed right now, so let me make this quick. Today we had our first serious meltdown of all three kids. They did really well at church…Zana just had to be taken out of the last few minutes of the third hour.

When we got home, Andrew refused to eat lunch and his nap was too short. The girls also couldn’t seem to get enough sleep and food.

We tried our usual method of keeping things calm on Sunday evenings: a walk to the park next to our house. This involved me carrying a kicking, screaming Andrew, who refused to hold my hand when walking in the street, while Scott tried to deliver cookies to a neighbor who is taking lessons from the missionaries. The park was fun, but the whole trip backfired. When Andrew realized we were on our way home, he began running back to the park and ended up with me carrying a kicking, screaming little guy again.

At home, the girls began crying for food. I tried to feed them. Andrew kept screaming while Scott tried to cut his hair really quickly (which we’d been putting off, because he’s scared of it, but he was already screaming, so we just went for it), give him a quick bath, get him into pajamas, give him his bedtime snack…which is usually followed by teeth brushing, prayer and kisses for the girls. That last part was eliminated, except for bedtime prayer.

Finally, all are in bed! And now I’m off to bed, without any proofreading of this post.

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