The Great Blog Catch-Up

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The Great Cromar Blog Catch-Up: Post 1 of 16


I’ve been in blogging apathy for months now. Partially because we’ve been so darned busy (not that the photos above are any indication of that), and partially because I’m not sure who I’m blogging for anymore. Living in Illinois it made sense to blog, so our family in California could see what we were up to. Now we’re here, and I know some friends read this blog, but it’s kind of weird not to be writing for family, and I think most of my family in northern California or elsewhere doesn’t read this, so I’m at a loss. Maybe if you all give me a shout out to let me know how much you love reading our oh-so-beautiful and witty blog I’ll feel more inclined.

Also, I really like writing about all our day-to-day adventure and mishaps. They are more of an insight into our lives I think, and I love to think other people think my kids are funny or cute or mischievous too, but I feel like I’ve got to get the big stuff out of the way. The goal is 16 post in 16 days! I’ve got all the photos in the drafts already…and, without further ado, let the Great Cromar Blog Catch Up Begin.

Way back in September, Scott had about a month off before he started work, so we tried to spend as much time together as we could. We got in a couple of trips to the beach, a lot of playing at parks, bike rides. Also, we shopped for furniture a ton. I made Scott drive all around the county to pick up stuff. If my house is ever clean again, I’ll try to remember to take picture of how it’s all looking.

Anyway, we are loving the weather here. Scott and I already have surfboards and everything. We switch off surfing when we take the kids to the beach…not that we’ve gone in the past five months, but since there are beach pictures on this post, we might as well talk about it. Oh, and that’s Miles in the pack in play at the beach. He has a sock taped on his hand, because he stuck his hand under the vacuum and got a bad friction burn from the spinning brush. He’s all better now.

6 Responses to “The Great Blog Catch-Up”

  1. Emily

    Here’s my shout out! We love reading about your adventures in Cali. Can’t wait to read more over the next 16 days! I’ll even let Eva come sit on my lap so she can see pictures of some of her best friends.

    always your neighbor no matter where you live,

  2. Stephanie

    I am reading and want to hear everything about your beach bumming, kid chasing, super crafting, lawyer wifing life!

  3. Ashlee


    I’m still reading! Please keep posting!

    Also, remember that someday your kids will read. I love thinking that they, and future posterity who maybe won’t ever meet me in this life, will have an insight into me and into our family.

    Blogging is so totally worth it for that reason alone! Wouldn’t you love it if you had a great, great grandmother’s blog?

    PS- I got your email concerning dinner time and I have been giving it thought. I’ll write back soon 🙂

  4. Kim

    I want you to keep blogging too! It makes my day to see new pictures and stories up. I never get tired of seeing you beautiful family. Keep up the good work!!

    • Catherine

      I know, and once I get through all the official holidays and stuff, you’ll get more fun kid stuff too. They are so funny. Also, the past few days I found that spending the time to look at pictures and think about all the fun things we do together, makes me feel less stressed. I can even ignore that I am sitting in a living room, which was clean this morning, but now has most of the cushions off the couches and card board boxes and toys everywhere.

  5. Catherine

    You guys are all so sweet. Whenever I sit out on my front porch watching the kids ride bikes, I wish I had one of my Illinois friends to talk to. Our neighbors are selling their house…maybe someone with kids who come outside will move in!

    I should remember that I’m writing for the kids too. But by the time they are grown reading a blog will be like trying to find a slide projector in your attic to look at your parents’ slides, although the proverbial attic will really mean trying to find someone with a 2013 copy of chrome or firefox. I will grant you that making copies of things has become easier, so you can give a copy to each kid, and maybe changing formats to whatever we’re using then won’t be too difficult.

    Anywho. It would be really cool to have more info on my grandparents’ and great grandparents’ lives. Now, I want to go ask around for journals.