The Cromar Halloween Special 08

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I like Halloween because I get to watch all of the Simpsons Halloween episodes. In the week leading up to Halloween we managed to watch all 18 Treehouse of Horror episodes. It was great.

Besides watching the Simpsons, we celebrated Halloween this year by carving a pumpkin, and going to our ward’s trunk-or-treat/Halloween party. Last year we skipped the pumpkin, but this year we got back into it with a tall pumpkin that Catherine turned into a Frankenstein with fangs. Andrew had a fun time playing with, and eating, the pumpkin’s guts as I was cleaning it out.

Unfortunately, just one day after we carved the pumpkin, it was already rotting. I wonder how old that pumpkin must have been to start rotting that fast. As I attempted to take it out to the trash, the top slid off and exploded in the kitchen. That was fun to clean up.

At the ward Halloween party, Catherine dressed up as a super-cute Care Bear. Andrew was a bumble bee, but he didn’t like having antennas on his head, so he was an antenna-less bee. Even though we don’t have any pictures of it, I dressed up as the father of twins, with baby packs (and little girly dolls) on my back and my front, and a burp cloth on my shoulder.

We had a great time at the party, eating chili, and experiencing what turned out to be one of the last warm days of the year. Now we are freezing.

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One Response to “The Cromar Halloween Special 08”

  1. Sara CW

    Love it! Everything.

    I love the Andrew smile.
    I love the bee costume.
    I love the Bedtime Bear costume.
    I love the (concept) of the twin daddy costume, and assume you must have looked a lot like Jonathan.

    Happy Halloween!