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When general conference ended, I walked into the dining room where Scott had been working on something, but he wasn’t there anymore, so then this happened…
Mommy: Where’s daddy?

Andrew: where are we going?

Mommy: We’re not going anywhere, I just was wondering where daddy is?

Andrew: Where’s daddy?
Mommy: That’s what I just asked…he’s probably out in the garage or up in his room.
Zana: Wait, where are we going? Is it a surprise?
Elira: You have a surprise for us? Wait, we’re going somewhere for a surprise?
Andrew: Girls get your shoes on.
Mommy: No, we’re not going anywhere, I was just looking for daddy.
Andrew: Wait, where’s daddy?
Zana: Why do have to put shoes on, where are we going?
Andrew: (goes upstairs looking for shoes)
Mommy: Don’t go in your room. Lydia is napping in there.
Andrew: But my shoes are in there!
Mommy: You don’t need shoes.
Andrew: Wait, who is going to stay here with Lydia while we go?
Mommy: We are not going anywhere. You guys are just kinda confused about this.

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