Take that, Universe!

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Huzzah! All the kids are officially in bed. They are all bathed, I clipped 80 out of 100 fingernails, and watched all of them go potty before bed, so we don’t have any more people lying about it and then wetting the bed.

We’ve been having a lot of fun in our busyness the past few weeks. This week I have a new motto: “Take that, Universe!” Like Monday after dealing with screaming twins getting their pre-kindergarten shots at the doctor, I got the kids in bed, lifted weights and ran two miles, and thought to myself, “Take that, Universe!” Then Tuesday, after all the craziness of the day, I deep cleaned the very toy-filled living room and swept the wood floor parts. Today, Scott and I took the screaming pre-kindergarteners back for more shots, and I kept my calm while 3 kids (only 1 of which had clothes on) played a noisy game of tag around me, while I undressed the baby for her bath, and was interrupted by the toddler who was screaming “it get me, it get me” while he was being attacked by the very large poopy he had just done in the tub. While cleaning up the poopy, the doorbell rang and the naked people ran down to answer the door. It was a kid doing a fundraiser for a college scholarship, so I bought two newspaper subscriptions that I will not read (I’m a sucker for kids going door to door for fundraisers), and proceeded to finish cleaning out the poopy tub, and bathing all the kids. Also, I did reading practice with the three who are learning..so yeah, take that, Universe! And give me some good karma for helping a kid going to college.

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  1. Stephanie

    I love this Catherine! I’m glad that you wrote it down. “It get me!”– love this! I can see you handling this storm with the classic Catherine calm.

    You had the perfect excuse to send the newspaper boy on his way, but you bought the subscriptions even in the midst of all that chaos. I wish you were closer so I could send my kids to your house for all their fundraisers!