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Whirlwind Tour of Fall

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Hey look! A post I wrote in January that never got published somehow. Although it doesn’t seem like it, we really did more during fall than just wait around for Lydia. Here’s a super fast version of fall. In September Andrew started first grade. Andrew wants to be a fireman, Elira a ballerina, and Zana… Read more »

Lake Mead

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I really need to find something to do while Andrew does his homework. He needs me to read the instructions to him still, and when I don’t he just goes on ahead doing whatever he thinks up, and I have to erase it and he spends twice as long re-doing things. At the same time,… Read more »

Boating and Surfing

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I love how pictures from the beach and lake always turn out really well. These aren’t really the best example of it, but my favorite pictures of our family always seem to be at the beach. So I’m a little bit jealous of Scott this year. Last summer, I wanted to take surf lessons, but… Read more »