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Copy Cats

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There’s this thing about having twins that they copy everything they see the other one do. I’ve begun to realize that this really leads to them reinforcing each others habits, and many things get really ingrained in their behavior. Last night I was considering posting about how the girls are basically potty training themselves. It… Read more »


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I just ran across this picture of my sister and me during my senior year of high school. (Sorry the quality is kinda poor.) Can you tell which one I am? I think Zana and Elira really, really look alike, but I just keep wondering if they are identical or not.

A Lesson in Genetics

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Lately, I have been hearing a lot of weird ideas about the genetics of having twins. I only took one biology class in college, but from my limited knowledge from that class I know people have been saying impossible things. The most common being “they say twins skip a generation” (There could be recessive traits… Read more »