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Lydia’s crazy birth

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I wrote out Lydia’s birth story in my journal and it was 3000 words long. I’ve shortened it here, because that’s just a little crazy for a blog post. Lydia’s birth was very similar to Miles’, but there were some important differences that made the whole thing less cool. With Miles everyone was very supportive… Read more »

Baby’s Here!

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Here’s a quick introduction to our little Lydia Belen Cromar. She was born December 11, 2013 at 3:32am in a spectacularly quick and dramatic fashion, which I shall tell you all about in a future post. She was our smallest singleton baby at 7 lb 2 oz, and only beat out Elira by 1 oz…. Read more »

Who’s pregnant?

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Oh, that’s right…it’s me. I guess by your fifth child you just don’t have time to think about being pregnant. I’ve been thinking I should do a pregnancy update, and then a few people started asking about one too, so here you have it. We’ve finally overcome some technical difficulties of 1. there being exactly… Read more »