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Healey/Cromar Family Photos 2012

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The Great Cromar Blog Catch-Up: Post 8 of 16 I got behind on this catch up thing. Last night Scott asked me about it and I remembered that I hadn’t written anything. Then I looked and couldn’t believe that I had already missed two days. Sheesh. Anyway, since all the Cromars were together for Thanksgiving… Read more »

Healey Family Reunion 2008

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The Healey Family Reunion took place this year in Winter Park, Colorado. Following are some pictures and video we took:

Anniversary & Christmas, Chicago & California

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Having been married now for two years, Catherine and I decided that we would celebrate as a family by spending a day in Chicago before heading to California for Christmas. We all bundled up as much as possible in an effort to protect our wimpy California bodies from the Illinois cold, and headed out. We… Read more »