Sweetie Address Book Note

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Handspring Visor Edge

Today I was updating the address book on the visor handspring that I use to keep track of things to do and buy. I never really use the address book part, so I was just deleting some numbers from people in my classes at UCI. In doing so, I ran across this address that Scott had entered in for me:

Sweetie, Catherine
Company: Scott if he’s lucky
Wonderful Wife

Mobile: 951-442-3305
Other: raging waters! (an awesome water park in California)
E-Mail: fiiine@beautiful.cat

Address: 123 Scott’s heart
Paradise, Optimistic

Custom 1: Eats popcorn
Custom 2: Wets hot feet
Custom 3: Smiles a lot
Custom 4: Makes scott happy

2 Responses to “Sweetie Address Book Note”

  1. Cat

    I think it was like almost a year ago! Neither of us can really remember.