Summer begins

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Way back in May, which seems like forever ago, Scott finished up finals and we headed out to California. The drive is sooo long. And we had quite a bit of snow coming over the Rockies, which made it a little scary and even longer.

I think May mainly consisted of us getting used to our summer schedule. The girls had recently stopped taking naps, and so were frequently grouchy during the evenings. I went through some weird feeling sick a lot thing, where I was thinking I needed to eat more protein or something, so that was making me grouchy too. All in all it was a lot of fun but a lot of work to keep us all well fed and entertained.

We did enjoy visiting some local zoos and parks, and Andrew got to go on a father’s and son’s camp-out with Scott and Grandpa Cromar. Living in an unfurnished apartment got better once I borrowed some of Scott’s old toys from his parents. We’ve been playing with marble works all summer! I always wanted that toy as a kid. Other than that, the kids and I just had to keep busy, and so we generally left the house by 10am and stayed out until it was time to come home and make dinner…exhausting, but so much fun!

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