Some Fall Pictures

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First, some pictures of the new babies. They are both doing great, and they are both girls!

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I was really surprised that we are going to have two little girls. I am not sure what life is going to be like for Andrew in a few years, hopefully he’ll be able to make some friends that he can play football with.

Catherine and Andrew have been doing a lot of fun stuff to enjoy the nice weather we’ve been having. They’ve gone to a local apple orchard a number of times, and played with animals. They’ve also been doing some craft projects. I think Andrew is suddenly looking like a little kid. He is not really a baby anymore.

IMG_3746.JPG IMG_6952.JPG IMG_6976.JPG IMG_3760.JPG IMG_3761.JPG IMG_3765.JPG IMG_3766.JPG

Finally, we have some pictures of Catherine, now at 22 weeks. Her tummy is about a month ahead of where it was with the first single pregnancy, in terms of size. It’s going to be interesting to see how much space the two babies take up by the end. Catherine sure is beautiful!

IMG_3801.JPG IMG_3804.JPG IMG_3809.JPG

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  1. Allison

    These pictures are too cute. You are having girls!! That’s going to be so fun! Oh, and we’re sorry we never made it to see all of you; the last couple of weeks we were there we couldn’t get it to work like I had hoped. We even left Illinois a little early. Anyway, just wanted to tell you that I love these pictures.