Secret Twin Language

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I remember when Andrew was nearly two, he began babbling all the time. He’d walk up and tell me a whole sentence or four and I would look at Scott and he looked at me and we had no idea what Andrew had said. We felt sad for him, because he was trying so hard to communicate. The girls are starting to get into that stage. Mostly they don’t make sense, but there are a few things that I can understand. But I’m the only other person allowed in their secret twin language club, you’d never understand a word.

I’ll use the p-words as an example:

  • pah-pah = iPod
  • pah paah = Potty Power (their favorite movie ever)
  • pah-pah (while patting their own bum, or attempting to take off their diaper) = I want to use my potty
  • pah-pah = popcorn (usually, as in “popcorn popping on the apricot tree”)
  • pack pack = backpack
  • poo-poo = yeah, this one’s obvious, until you get to the next one
  • poo-poo = computer
  • bah-bah = blanket (this sounds almost the same as the rest)
  • bah-bah = ball

And just for posterity’s sake, here’s my favorite of their one word statements that mean a whole phrase:

  • Owee (derived from “orange”) = I don’t want the color of thing you are giving me, I want the other color.
  • Wee (derived from green) = same as owee

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