Scott’s General Conference Predictons

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I know that some might frown on the practice, but every time there is going to be a new Apostle chosen, I like to try and guess who I think it will be. It’s just for fun. So here are my picks, starting with the most likely:

1. Elder Marlin K. Jensen

2. Bishop H. David Burton

3. Elder Yoshihiko Kikuchi

4. Elder Charles Didier

Runner up: Elder Claudio R. M. Costa

3 Responses to “Scott’s General Conference Predictons”

  1. SaraCW

    Wrong. Better luck next time.

    (Although I was hoping for Charles Didier myself. So French!)

    Also, how cool is Pres. Uchtdorf? Love him!

  2. CrispyCromar

    Thanks. Note: Elder Didier is Belgian, but he speaks French. Yeah, I like Elder Uchtdorf too.

  3. SaraCW

    Well, at least we would have had a nice French accent to listen to.