Scott Bucks

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Christmas Tree

I should have noted also that my purses were bought as Scott’s Christmas present to me. Every year I get some Scott bucks for Christmas, and it takes me almost the whole year to spend them (because it’s so hard for me to ever find the right thing). Last year I was 1 month pregnant at Christmas and I ended up using my Scott bucks on a maternity swimsuit when I was about 7 months along.

If it wasn’t for Scott bucks, I really couldn’t have brought myself to buy a name brand purse. Anyway, thanks Scott!

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  1. Cat

    I thought I did. Whenever Scott wants me to pick something out for myself (which is fun, because I don’t get to shop for myself all that often) he writes down on a card how many Scott bucks I have. Stores honor them like cash, but only if you’re me.