Baby’s Here!

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Lydia's Birth

Here’s a quick introduction to our little Lydia Belen Cromar. She was born December 11, 2013 at 3:32am in a spectacularly quick and dramatic fashion, which I shall tell you all about in a future post. She was our smallest singleton baby at 7 lb 2 oz, and only beat out Elira by 1 oz. Also, she makes 3 for 3 girls to be born on the 40 week mark. We’ve had the name Lydia in our minds during this whole pregnancy, but an eleventh-hour name of Clara almost crept in and stole the show. And for those wanting to know, Belen, is a name from my mission in Argentina (I think it’s a common name in most of Latin America). We thought it was sweet and simple and cute, goes well with Lydia, and it is also the translation of Bethlehem, so it is fitting for our most Christmassy baby.

Here’s more photos for anyone who wants to see more cute babyness. The little one is waking up and asking for food, so I’d better run.¬†We all love her so, so much already!

Lydia's Birth1

Grouchy Day, Fun Dinner

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We’ve been having one of these days that occur occasionally, where we’re all a little grouchy from not sleeping enough. We’re a little tired, but I want to push through with the things I thought we should do today. Mostly, I wanted to clean, so I tried to sell it to the kids by saying we were going to do some surprises for Daddy (he’s out of town until tomorrow). When the kids have a babysitter, they always want to surprise us by cleaning the house. It’s really sweet, but apparently it doesn’t work when I want to do it…or maybe they know I’m just trying to get them to do work. Anyway, my vision of us all working happily together in the morning, followed by a trip to the library and a movie day, melted away early this morning. I could see they weren’t into it, so I just let them play, but they didn’t earn a movie day either.

I, on the other hand, have mostly been bored all day. The kids have been playing super nicely together, and they have been ignoring me. I did some of the chores I had planned and ran out of things to do. The thing is that I have still been a little grouchy, and whenever the kids do interact with me, I’m snappy at them. Also, I think they are a little grouchy too, since whenever they do interact with me, it is in a whiny voice or involves some sort of refusal to do what I ask (they spilled all the beads on the floor, so they were supposed to clean them up).

Then the real problem approaches…dinner. I’m feeling sensitive, and they are grouchy, so I am already dreading cooking dinner. Scott’s not home, so there is pretty much no chance that I can please anyone with what I cook, unless we do something special, but I don’t really feel like they deserve special. Why would I give them some kind of treat just because I know that anything less than a treat will bring complaints? I want to force them to eat normal food or go hungry, because I am feeling too sensitive to listen to whining and rudeness at dinner, but that’s probably just being mean to them…punishing them for pre-crime or something. So, I’ve decided that a treat dinner is necessary, and maybe it can turn our evening into a nice one. Then what can I make that is inexpensive, healthy and fun? I think I’ve decided on whole wheat pancakes with fruit. I’ll probably get complaints that it is not the kind of fruit they like (it’s a frozen mix of fruit with peaches, mangoes, strawberries, and pineapple).

So, here I go. I’m going to try to be the nice mommy (even if they don’t realize it) and make them something fun and yummy, rather than offer them a more normal, boring dinner, have them complain about it, get mad at them, have them get mad back, send them away from the table for rudeness, make them go to bed hungry, have them wake up at 5:30 in the morning (which will be 4:30 due to the time change), and begin a new day of grouchy complaining people, only then we’ll have to go to church grouchy…am I getting a little dramatic here? Pancakes and fruit. Wish us luck.

Also, anyone have any other healthy, cheap, fun treat dinners? I could use a larger repertoire.

P.S. Miles just came upstairs asking for a “na-na” which means “snack” or in this post-Halloween case means “candy.” Better get going with the pancakes.

Some Summer Fun

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Fun at home in summer1

Summer is long gone now, so I’m mostly just going to put some captions on these photos. This summer we made some treats, made some messes, earned new books by reading some, Zana put stickers al lover Miles, and Andrew fell into a bowl of watermelon while wearing his Robin costume. Good times.

The kids went to swimming lessons, and did great at them. I had a class with Miles while the other kids were in theirs. It was fun to do something one-on-one with Miles. He doesn’t get that a lot.

Fun at home in summer

We spent the day at a local zoo with some friends. It’s a tiny zoo, but super cheap, so we like it. They also have a little train that rides around the park area.

Firsts for Andrew1

And we rode bikes, played restaurant, camped in doors, and took pictures of cutie Miles laying in the tent like a big kid. Yep, good times.

Firsts for Andrew

Lake Mead

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I really need to find something to do while Andrew does his homework. He needs me to read the instructions to him still, and when I don’t he just goes on ahead doing whatever he thinks up, and I have to erase it and he spends twice as long re-doing things. At the same time, he does most of the work by himself, so I get bored of sitting here with him. I don’t think it’ll be good for him if I start expressing boredom with homework time. Anyway, I thought posting about our lake trips of the summer might keep me occupied today.

We took two trips to Lake Mead over the summer. We went with Scott’s parents and got to go on their boat. For the first one, we knew it was going to be hot, hot, hot. I came up with a plan to make a solar oven, and the kids were happy to have a project. We constructed a double-walled, insulated, solar oven out of some cardboard boxes. We added black paper and made a clear lid with some acrylic we had in the garage, which was leftover from fixing up the DDR pad. It turned out awesome, and got hot enough to cook hot dogs to an interior temperature of over 165 degrees. Our attempt to cook easy mac (see below) was a failure though. The macaroni just got all soggy and turned to mush. Maybe we should have tried to just boil the water.

Lake Mead

The kids didn’t really care that I was cooking hot dogs for them with nothing but the sun. They were too busy swimming all. day. long. They just kept their life vests on and floated around in the water for hours and hours each day. I got one slalom ski run in on the first trip, just to prove I could still get up on one, but decided not to press my luck after that.

Lake Mead1

Scott got to ski and wakeboard some, but I never got any good pictures. It’s really hard to supervise all the kids and take pictures, even with all the help we had from Kim and Nick and Tara. The older kids were really liking tubing, but Miles was not thrilled. Or maybe he just didn’t like that he had to go with daddy and not get to stay with mommy.

Lake Mead2

Who’s pregnant?

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Oh, that’s right…it’s me. I guess by your fifth child you just don’t have time to think about being pregnant. I’ve been thinking I should do a pregnancy update, and then a few people started asking about one too, so here you have it. We’ve finally overcome some technical difficulties of 1. there being exactly zero recent pictures of me, and 2. this video not getting uploaded properly the first time around. Ellie took the video at soccer practice last month, and it’s the best pregnant shot of me that we have. If you don’t want to watch the whole thing, scroll to the end where you get an up-close belly shot.

I know I’m lucky to have super easy pregnancies: a little dizziness and just occasional nauseousness that goes away by about 12 or 13 weeks, awesome second trimester with no complaints at all, and third trimesters that are a little uncomfortable as I get bigger (with twins the discomfort was more, but still I was out and about doing things with Andrew). Even the sciatica I was complaining about last month went away completely a couple of days later. My number one complaint at 29 weeks is that I am itchy. Some nice cocoa butter to the tummy at night seems to be helping a bit.

My doctor is really hands-off this time around too. I had an appointment today and we just listened to the heartbeat, she told me my weight looks great, and told me to just keep going about my normal day. That’s how it goes every time.

Having Andrew back at school has been interesting for me. I didn’t tell any of the other moms or dads from Andrew’s class about being pregnant, so I showed back up after summer looking really pregnant. Everyone is like, “So, number 5, eh?” They’ve been polite, but I don’t really know how to respond. Last year, there was another mom that had four kids with her oldest being the kindergartner (her youngest two were twins), and I was secretly hoping she would show up pregnant too. Then we could be the crazy ones together. She’s not pregnant though…bummer.

Speaking of comments I’ve gotten lately…I walked into Costco with all four kids the other day…I really do try to shop without all of them, but we had to get new tires there, so I had no choice…anyway, the greeter/card checker guy was this old guy trying to be funny and he said, “Are you that woman who lives in a shoe?” Seriously…bad joke. Anywho, I just said no and then proceeded to answer all the kids’ inquiries about when he meant, which went on for like 10 minutes.

To end on a good note, we did get many samples at Costco, and since we were just browsing all the isles, the girls were swooning over the Christmas dresses, when one lady overheard Zana squeal, “I always, always wanted a dress like this!” The lady approached me and gave me her number explaining that she has twin 10-year old girls who have outgrown all their Christmas and Easter dresses, and she would love to give them to us since the dresses all match and she can’t bear to break up the pairs. Score for us…especially since I’m too cheap to buy new, sparkly dresses for each holiday. I have to call the lady still, and pick up the dresses, but if it all pans out, I’ll do a fashion show blog post for you.