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April Fools2

Oh man, I have been putting so few Lydia pictures up on this blog. It’s so sad, but to say we are busy would be understatement of the year. And the kids go to bed a lot later than they used to. I really miss having a lot of time in the evenings to do stuff. Anyway, Lydia is rapidly approaching six months…I cannot believe it. Honestly, I feel like it is about March. We’ve started doing summer stuff though, so I guess it really is June.

The pictures above were from her first time in a swing, her bumbo and her doorway bouncer. She totally fell asleep in the jumper.

Lydia is just the sweetest, easiest, best number 5 baby a person could ever ask for. She is really so happy all the time. I mentioned before that she would wake up at 5 am and eat and go back to sleep and that was the only time she woke up at night. For the past few months she goes to bed around 8:30, then I feed her around 10, and she sleeps until 6 or 6:30 every night. It makes life so much easier for me. The only sleep deprivation I get is my own fault for staying up too late working on things.

Lydia has been less mobile than our other babies so far…this is probably a good thing. Andrew was probably our most mobile baby and was crawling before he was about five months, and if you watch our old super video starting at around 2 minutes 20 seconds, you can see him pulling up to standing at 6 months…he just wasn’t normal. Here’s him walking for the first time (at 8 months) just for kicks…man we did long videos back then. Start watching about 2 minutes in.

Okay, now I think we need some links about the other babies. Here’s the girls crawling on each other (the first video). They crawled a little before 6 months as well. Here’s some more fun videos from that era. Elira started walking just before she turned 9 months and Zana a couple weeks later. I couldn’t find a blog post with video of the twins walking, so here’s a never-before-seen video of them playing with Grandma and Grandpa Cromar.

YouTube Preview Image

Now, I can’t seem to find blog posts on Miles hardly at all from that age. He was just so good at tagging along with everyone, I always wrote about what the bigger kids were doing, and never really did any milestone posts. I’m going to have to do another post about him another day, since Picasa is acting a bit strange and it’s getting late. But here’s to little kids getting bigger and me re-learning how to put more videos into blog posts. There will be more to come from here on out.

Back to our cutest, newest baby. She’s so snuggly and cute.

fun at home7

Another post about Miles Puh-bliles

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May stuff


Scott had stuff to do this evening, and I have been sitting here wasting the time I was going to use to finish up some projects. To make up for it, I’m giving you all another look at crazy little Miles. He has been seriously hilarious lately. I love this stage when they first start using full sentences. His vocabulary has grown so much too, but I still have trouble figuring him out. Oh, and I can’t bring myself to teach him to use “I”. It is just so, so funny when he says “me” all the time.

Also, just ignore the wonky formatting of this post. I don’t feel like fixing it today.

Miles took a nap this afternoon, so he was having a later bedtime. Finally, I told him to go get in bed.

Miles: Me no go bed. Me uh down-tairs uh eat.

Mommy: No, we are not having food. It’s bed time.

Miles: (So sweetly and innocently) Aaaaawe. Mommy, me no eat food me die.


And another bedtime conversation recently. He had already refused to go potty once and I gave up trying to take him and just read books together for before bed.

Mom: Miles, are you going to go potty or just get in bed?

Miles: Um, me not sure. Me going play dis game till bed time. (Sits there looking at Sponge Bob cards as if nothing is going on)

Mom: All right get in bed now then.

Miles: (While laying in bed, in a super sweet voice) Mom, me brush my teeth?

Mom: Argh, fine just go potty too (goes to help screaming Lydia).

Miles: (Brushes his teeth and gets in bed) Me not go potty.

Mom: …(walks out the door)

That darn guy. Then I had to take him potty again when I took Ellie before my bedtime. He’s lucky he’s so cute.

And the other day I was trying to figure out which show he wanted to watch. This is our actual real conversation, not just something I made up to showcase how he says the show names.

Miles: Me want Do-dobbin.

Mommy: (turns on Doc McStuffins)

Miles: Nooooo! Not Do-dubbin…Do-dobbin.

Mommy: What? What’s Do-dobbin then? You mean Paw Patrol?

Miles: No Dah-trol, Do-dobbin. Right der! (Points to Wally Kazam)

Zana: He’s saying “Bob Gobblin.”

Mommy: Jeeez.

And later…

Miles: Me want Eeeo Dahwar.

Mommy: What? Curious George?

Miles: No Deeo jorj. Deeeo Dahwar. Beebee Dahwar.

Mommy: Dora?

Miles: No….yeah, yeah…Doah, and Deeeo, and Beebee Dahwar!

Mommy: (starts to turn on a Dora episode)

Miles: No, not dat one…Eeeo, Dahwar and Doah.

Mommy: (at which point mommy realizes he is trying to say Diego and Baby Jaguar)

Other cartoon show names

For a long time he was saying “Ho go” for Jake and the Neverland Pirates, but now he says “Dake Piwate and Meeeeeeee” or just “and meeee.” Also he says  “Zoooeee, zoooeee” for Team Umi Zoomi.

And for a final story, we were getting ready to all go to the park together, so I told all the kids to go potty and get shoes on.

Miles: Me no go potty. Me went potty.

Mommy: Well, go again, since that was a while ago and we’re going to the park.

Miles: Me no go potty. (Walks out the door to the garage to get his bike and helmet for the ride to the park.)

One minute later…

Miles: (Comes running in from the garage, holding onto his bum.) Potty, potty, potty, potty!

Mommy: Zana’s in there.

Miles: (Dancing around.) Potty, potty bad!

Mommy: (We hear Zana washing her hands.) Okay, quick go in!

Miles: (Pulls pants down and sits on the potty.) Whew. Dat close one.


Take that, Universe!

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Huzzah! All the kids are officially in bed. They are all bathed, I clipped 80 out of 100 fingernails, and watched all of them go potty before bed, so we don’t have any more people lying about it and then wetting the bed.

We’ve been having a lot of fun in our busyness the past few weeks. This week I have a new motto: “Take that, Universe!” Like Monday after dealing with screaming twins getting their pre-kindergarten shots at the doctor, I got the kids in bed, lifted weights and ran two miles, and thought to myself, “Take that, Universe!” Then Tuesday, after all the craziness of the day, I deep cleaned the very toy-filled living room and swept the wood floor parts. Today, Scott and I took the screaming pre-kindergarteners back for more shots, and I kept my calm while 3 kids (only 1 of which had clothes on) played a noisy game of tag around me, while I undressed the baby for her bath, and was interrupted by the toddler who was screaming “it get me, it get me” while he was being attacked by the very large poopy he had just done in the tub. While cleaning up the poopy, the doorbell rang and the naked people ran down to answer the door. It was a kid doing a fundraiser for a college scholarship, so I bought two newspaper subscriptions that I will not read (I’m a sucker for kids going door to door for fundraisers), and proceeded to finish cleaning out the poopy tub, and bathing all the kids. Also, I did reading practice with the three who are yeah, take that, Universe! And give me some good karma for helping a kid going to college.

Zana and Elira are 5

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fun at home3

Whenever the girls have a birthday it doesn’t seem like the right age, because in my mind Andrew was just that age. Andrew was 5 still back in August. How can the girls be 5?

Our ward does park day on Fridays, and the girls birthday was on a Friday, so we just decided to commandeer park day and call it their birthday party. We had a few treats and a cake (Isn’t it cute? I made it myself with just frosting and sprinkles.), and skipped the games and presents. It was a beautiful day. The weather was just perfect.

fun at home4



Zana and Elira are really growing up. They are starting to read and love, love, love to color. Every day they ask me to print out a picture for them to color. They choose what they want, I do a google image search for that thing (just add “coloring page” to the end of any subject and google rewards you handsomely), and they try not to bash my head on the keyboard while they spend 10 minutes choosing which kitty picture of the hundreds they see is the one they want. (I don’t know why I’m so impatient on that part. I’m trying to be better.) They pretend they are at school a lot of the time and the coloring is their homework.

Like I said in the post about Miles they are not sure how to handle him lately. They like him, but he gets upset with them and ruins their coloring pages (gasp!) and steals their snacks and things like that. Then they scream and come running to me. Now they just assume Miles is going to do something bad, so they scream preemptively. It’s annoying, and I don’t know how to fix it yet, so I just tell them to try to work it out with Miles.

Elira still likes things to be purple. She loves to take care of Lydia and hold her. She usually loves to eat cucumber, although lately she’s eating more tomato than cucumber. She loves it when people give her gifts. It’s her main love language and it’s not mine or Scott’s, so we usually neglect to give her little things, or we try to give little things to her and to Zana, and I can tell she doesn’t think it is as special. I’m trying to give her more little gifts, I just forget. She also really likes things to be perfect. She gets frustrated easily when she is working on something and not quite getting it. I’m learning that it helps her if we practice a few things that are easier for her, so she can feel confident about getting it 100% right and then work our way back up into the harder stuff, and by the time we get there she usually has it down. We did this with her reading lessons. We backed up about 5 lessons and worked from there and now she’s way past that spot we were getting stuck on. Elira also likes to design things and have others carry out the plans. She often asks for a paper so she can draw a unicorn or whatnot and then sits down and asks me to draw it. At first it was frustrating, because I wanted her to do her own stuff, but I am seeing it now as a different way of being creative. She is harnessing the skills of others to carry out her dreams. (Sounds good when you put it that way right?) Elira also really likes praise at how clever she is. She often asks things like, “How come the other guys (Zana and Andrew) didn’t make their unicorn as good as me?” Little stinker, she’s just like my sister Sara.

Zana likes to tackle a task and work on it until she gets it down. She doesn’t get frustrated with a hard task, she just keeps working and asking for me to help her practice. Since we’re talking about love languages, hers is probably quality time, because her favorite thing is for me to read books to her. She asks me multiple times everyday, and I read until I start to doze off, and then I take a 20 minutes nap. Zana has this amazing ability to memorize books (and Articles of Faith) without really trying. After reading a book to her just once or twice, she has it memorized word for word. She loves to sit in her room and “read” the books to herself. When she gets to reading more than just the short stories in the reading lesson book  we have we’re going to have to get a new book every day to see if she’s really reading it and not just repeating the memorized words. Zana likes pink the best still, but has been liking blue some too. She likes to make tea parties that Scott, Lydia and I get invited to.

The girls have this idea that one of them is bigger or taller than the other. I keep forgetting which one they think it is. It’s totally absurd, because honestly no one can tell the difference between them. I gave up explaining that they are exactly the same size, and just laugh at their silliness.

Lydia at two months, the new normal

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fun at home1

Our baby is so pretty. And she has such crazy red hair. I always tell her that she’s just so fluffy all the time.

fun at home2

At two months she was learning to hold stuff and keep her head up during tummy time and help mommy carry the laundry basket around.

A friend of mine asked how we have been doing. I told her we’d kind of settled into a routine, and Lydia was sleeping so well and only waking up one a night around 5am to eat, so things were good. She commented how great it is when you get to what becomes your new normal after each new baby. It’s so true. We have reached our new normal, which I summarize thusly, everyday at least one thing doesn’t get done. Some days I don’t actually cook dinner and we all eat PB&J for dinner. Some days nothing at all gets cleaned. Some days we get all our work done, but we don’t play outside at all. Some days everything gets done, but mommy never makes it out of her pajamas. Most of the time the house looks like


But with more toys on the ground, and we’re cool with it. Those cushions are a foam pit for flipping into, so its all good.

So last Wednesday we were having an awesome day. I baked some bread. We cleaned up the whole living room. I had real clothes and make up on. Dinner was in the crock pot. I was thinking about how we were were having an awesome Tuesday and we were headed out the door to be early picking up Andrew from school, when I noticed I’d missed a call….from the school…saying that it was Wednesday and Andrew hadn’t been picked up from school. (He gets out an hour early on Wednesdays.) What?! It was Wednesday! I couldn’t believe it wasn’t Tuesday. So my one thing that didn’t get done that day: picking up Andrew from school. Luckily, the poor guy thought it was funny that mommy didn’t know what day it was.

I just tell myself that it took five kids to make me as scatterbrained as most people are with just two…at least it helps me feel better. The new normal, try not to leave Andrew at school.