One of Those Everyday Occurrences

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One of those everyday occurrences that I was telling you about. You know, the when I was scurrying through those other posts, so I could feel like I could write down the little things. This is one of those.

Sometimes I’m really good at tuning out what the kids are doing. Usually the internet is involved, but I can also tune them out just thinking while washing the dishes or sorting laundry. Any of those mind-numbing tasks. I think it’s a coping mechanism, but it get’s me into trouble sometimes. Like in primary, when I realize I was listening to the lesson (because it was interesting, not mind-numbing) and the kids in my class are being rowdy, and someone else has come over to shush them.

Anyway. Today I was standing in the kitchen wasting time online, while the kids were playing on the back patio. After a while I felt the little pat of Miles’ hand on my leg. He was politely coming in to see what I was doing. I asked him what he needed (still looking at the computer), and he made sort of an “ehhh” sound he uses when he’s not happy about something.

I looked down and he standing in the kitchen dropping dirt off of him like Pigpen from Charlie Brown. My poor, poor fourth child. His older brother has a thing for pouring buckets of dirt on the little one’s head. He thinks it’s funny, along with hitting him in the face with stuffed animals, putting blankets on his head so he can’t see, tying his legs together with a shoelace, and anything else that will annoy Miles but not actually hurt him. The older kids all said Miles put the dirt on himself.

There was nothing to be done except whisk Miles upstairs for a bath. Soon Andrew came in and said, “Mommy, it was me and I forgive you.” we had just talked about forgiving others the other day, so I straightened out his grammar a bit since he was trying to ask for forgiveness or say he was sorry. One of the two.

“What is this? Could it be honesty?” I marveled to myself. No one has voluntarily offered up the truth before. I thanked Andrew for being honest and told him that was choosing the right. Then we got Miles all cleaned off and swept up the pile of dirt in the kitchen.

Happy, Happy Birthday Twinners Dear

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The Great Cromar Blog Catch-Up: Post 16 of 16

Hurray, it’s the last one of our catch up posts! I did it! I never can understand how I think I’m ignoring blogging for a day or two, and really it’s been a week. Maybe it shouldn’t surprise me when I think I’ve been negligent for a few weeks and months and months go by. Same thing happen with emails too.

V-Day and Girls' B-Day1

Little Zana and Elira turned four in February. Lately they have been acting like little ladies and seem so grown up. I’ll have to admit, that four-year olds drive me a little bit insane sometimes. Remember when Andrew went through this and me waking up to find the kids chowing down on candy under the kitchen table. I just re-read that post about Andrew going through this stage. Seeing as how what I wrote sounds exactly like how I feel about dearest Elira-belle right now, I’m taking comfort and hope in knowing it will pass. Zana’s taking a backseat on this one right now and has stayed fairly mellow. Maybe she’ll start pushing her boundaries next.

Anywho, we didn’t do too much for their actual birthday. A couple of friends came over for a play date the day before, and then on their birthday we baked a cake, painted nails, and went to the Orange County Great Park. They have a cool balloon ride that looks like a huge orange. You go up and can see all of Irvine and some of the neighboring cities. It’s tethered to the ground, so then they just pull you back down. We didn’t actually go on the balloon that day, since it was too windy. They have a free carousel, so we rode that a few times.

Can everyone tell which girl is which in the pictures? Elira is the one wearing the white shirt with little red roses on it. Zana has the coral shirt under a white and blue dress. Miles is looking so grown up in that picture above too. He is really photogenic and loves to say cheese for you and give you a nice smile. All the kids want to be in photos with him too, so we’re ending up with a bunch of great pictures of all of them together. The girls really love to take care of Miles. They’re like little mommies.

The next week after their birthday their grandparents came to celebrate. They wanted a Santa cake (see below). After lunch and presents the kids got a hold of the camera and we let them take some pictures (which we never do). The following craziness ensued:

V-Day and Girls' B-Day2

Hodnetts’ Visit

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The Great Cromar Blog Catch-Up: Post 13.5 of 16

Fun at Home

Ooops, somehow these pictures didn’t get uploaded to WordPress, so this post didn’t get counted in the original 16. After New Year’s our good friends from law school Mike and Stephanie Hodnett were driving through Southern California. Somehow, I didn’t get any pictures of Stephanie, and I really wish I had one of the two of us. You can read her take on the visit here, and confirm that Steph really was there.

We hadn’t been to the beach since October, so the kids really enjoyed it. Miles was kept getting more and more wet until suddenly he got cold. Then it wasn’t fun anymore. I had to carry him all around cuddling him to warm him up. He’s fun to cuddle with though, so I liked it. To finish off the day, we had dinner at In-N-Out. I know you’re jealous.


Heart Day

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The Great Cromar Blog Catch-Up: Post 15 of 16

V-Day and Girls' B-Day

We had a fun Valentine’s Day this year, though it was pretty simple. We started the day off with some strawberry parfaits. I really wanted one, but I am still nursing Miles and it still hurts his tummy. Miles had a yogurt-less parfait, and really liked it. Since then, I’ve been trying to wean the crazy guy with mixed success.

It happened to be my turn to teach the girls’ co-op preschool, so we had a fun Valentine’s themed day. You can see some of the girls’ new friends in the picture above.

My favorite part of Valentine’s Day though was our new tradition: the heart rock. You’ve probably seen the idea floating around the internet, but it seemed fun, so we gave it a try. The basic idea of the heart rock is to do a service for someone and then leave the rock there. Then it is their turn to do a service for someone else

Funny story though: I went out the front door to locate a small rock. Seems simple enough to do right. Irvine is so well-manicured (it employs an army of landscapers) I could not find a rock outside…anywhere. Eventually I found one weird-shaped broken off piece of rock in the bushes near a parking lot. That worked out fine and I painted a red heart on it.

We started the heart rock a week or so before Valentine’s Day and thought we’d just go until then, but the heart rock is still in circulation. The kids’ services are always something small (and sometimes I see the rock, but I can’t actually tell what they did for me), but they are really happy to let you know they care and leave the rock for you. And they notice and thank me when I do something for them. I’ve just been going about my normal routine of cleaning up after them, but if I have the heart rock, I’ll just stick it on the floor when I’m done, and lo and behold, they run up giving me hugs and asking if it was me that cleaned up the living room. So cute and so much love for Valentine’s Day.

Mom and Grandpa’s Birthday

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The Great Cromar Blog Catch-Up: Post 14 of 16

Winter Activities


In our family, January is crazy for birthdays and the 15th is an especially big day. Just on the 15th we have my mom, my mom’s dad (the 16th, but we’ll count it), my friend Megan, my cousin, and Scott’s brother Nick. (I think I got all of them.) And for the rest of January you can add in my dad and Scott’s dad. Granted we don’t celebrate all those people’s birthdays, but still. Does anyone else have crazy days/months like that?

So, after the Christmas excitement died down, we got to have some fun visitors in mid January. My mom’s brother Jim and his wife Lori came from Seattle and her brother Steve came from Redding (northern California). The kids and I drove to my grandpa’s house to have dinner and eat cake with them. The kids had a ton of fun trying to fly kites there. My grandpa lives up on a hill with an amazing view of Lake Elsinore. I’ll have to post pictures sometime. The kids managed not to fall down the hill…so far. We also played Disney Princess cupcake game that the girls got for Christmas. Jim and Lori were fun to play with and made the kids laugh a ton. I don’t know why, but the Disney Princess Cupcake Party game is really fun to me. The cupcakes are so cute and it’s pretty girly, but it seems sciency since you have to find the right pieces and put it together right…or maybe I’ve just been spending too much time around kids. Maybe I’ve lost my engineering edge. Either way, it’s pretty fun. Andrew thinks so too.

Scott just informed me that The Hobbit will begin playing in 13 minutes. We started it last night and are trying to finish it. We can never watch a whole movie in one sitting these days. Spending just two days on it is quite the accomplishment. I’d better go, since I still have to brush my teeth and get ready for bed before the movie starts.