Our Funny Little Guys

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Andrew turned our little indoor slide into a stage today, and he and Zana were making up some awesome songs. Here’s what I could catch and transcribe in time.

Hallween, halloween
Hoween, hoween, singing all da day, singing all da day

I know how my Heavenly Father is.
He’s our dad when we’re not with our mommy and daddy….wiff ourrrrrs
we know how to be safe when bad guys are at our house
we can be saaaaaafe
when kitties and guys are at our house
and a long time ago, kitties and pumpkins are safe

(just a note: stuffed animals at our house are usually called “guys”, so the reference to “kitties and guys” is most likely Andrew thinking about protecting their kitties and other stuffed animals)

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  1. Ashlee

    And HEY… your blog is COOOOOOL. I just spent the last few minutes poking around… and we are maybe even related! I have Clawsons on my mom’s side. Any idea if they were ever in NM?