One of Those Everyday Occurrences

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One of those everyday occurrences that I was telling you about. You know, the when I was scurrying through those other posts, so I could feel like I could write down the little things. This is one of those.

Sometimes I’m really good at tuning out what the kids are doing. Usually the internet is involved, but I can also tune them out just thinking while washing the dishes or sorting laundry. Any of those mind-numbing tasks. I think it’s a coping mechanism, but it get’s me into trouble sometimes. Like in primary, when I realize I was listening to the lesson (because it was interesting, not mind-numbing) and the kids in my class are being rowdy, and someone else has come over to shush them.

Anyway. Today I was standing in the kitchen wasting time online, while the kids were playing on the back patio. After a while I felt the little pat of Miles’ hand on my leg. He was politely coming in to see what I was doing. I asked him what he needed (still looking at the computer), and he made sort of an “ehhh” sound he uses when he’s not happy about something.

I looked down and he standing in the kitchen dropping dirt off of him like Pigpen from Charlie Brown. My poor, poor fourth child. His older brother has a thing for pouring buckets of dirt on the little one’s head. He thinks it’s funny, along with hitting him in the face with stuffed animals, putting blankets on his head so he can’t see, tying his legs together with a shoelace, and anything else that will annoy Miles but not actually hurt him. The older kids all said Miles put the dirt on himself.

There was nothing to be done except whisk Miles upstairs for a bath. Soon Andrew came in and said, “Mommy, it was me and I forgive you.” we had just talked about forgiving others the other day, so I straightened out his grammar a bit since he was trying to ask for forgiveness or say he was sorry. One of the two.

“What is this? Could it be honesty?” I marveled to myself. No one has voluntarily offered up the truth before. I thanked Andrew for being honest and told him that was choosing the right. Then we got Miles all cleaned off and swept up the pile of dirt in the kitchen.

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