One of Those Everyday Occurrences – Part 2

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I was going to put all this in with the previous post, but it was shaping up into such a cute story I couldn’t tarnish it. This is the epilogue or something.

All the kids needed baths since they were covered in sunscreen, and after bathing Miles, I figured it would be better to bathe everyone before dinner so I just went for it. The girls were easy and fast, but Andrew’s hair had been getting all sweaty lately, so I really wanted to cut it. So dinner was getting pushed back and back.

While still cutting Andrew’s hair, Miles started feeling really hungry and so was crying outside the bathroom door. Zana kept asking me to find her pink pajama pants, so I was shouting out possible places the pants might be. Elira kept asking me to button her pajama shirt button. I kept saying not right now, but I think she asked 50 times in 10 minutes. Zana was becoming more and more distraught about the pants, and Miles just kept crying at the door.

Finally I finished cutting and set Andrew up to take his own shower (it’s so nice that he is able to shower on his own, but I can’t always trust him to not make a mess). I grabbed Miles and pinned him into his high chair, since he was resisting, and set him up with a bowl of dry Kix. We needed food going and fast, so I start heating water for pasta. Miles was calming down, so I checked the garage for the pajama pants. I informed Zana that I had no idea where they were and we checked all the usual places, so she should choose some other pajamas. She had a meltdown.

I was nice and helped her though it and helped her to choose other pajamas. Things were calming down a bit, so I put the pasta in the pot and stood there watching it. Then I noticed Elira outside in the dirt. I walked out to inform her that we had just had baths, so could she please come inside and not get dirty, and the pasta boiled over.

The kids were happy with dinner. I ate pasta with some leftover goulash; they ate pasta. We had some leftover fruit salad and cantaloupe, and I made everyone really happy with frozen blueberries. In the end everyone was filled with healthy food and happy.

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