One Last Hurrah – part one

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I was really excited that we could stay in Illinois for the summer this year. It was a great chance to have one last hurrah with all of our friends, before we went off in our separate directions or stayed behind. First off of the excitement was the annual Touch a Truck day. We’ve missed this event the past two years, so it was fun to go again, and the girls did more than just ride around in a stroller this time.

They all wanted to go on the bounce house. The line was long, and my initial reaction was to try to talk them out of it, but I figured that was the one thing they most wanted to do, and I was bringing them there to do stuff they wanted, so we might as well. They loved it. The girls were hugging and laughing, and they all jumped and ran a ton. It was a good parenting decision. I was proud of myself for being a nice mommy, because sometimes I’m not. Though, I try to be.

Another funny thing about Touch a Truck was that the girls don’t seem to understand that it was a one-time event. I keep getting requests to go again, but it has morphed from “the park where we touch a truck” to “Touch a Park” which finally turned into “Mommy, when we gonna go to Texapark?” There’s no Texapark in California my dears…please stop asking. Anywho, on to rockets.

Scott, despite being in the middle or studying for the bar. Took the time to build rockets with the kids. They each had their own one, and then I helped them paint in the end. We got a bunch of friends together and launched them. Zana’s ended up in a lake, but we recovered it.

The kids all really love space stuff. Andrew especially. So we took the kids to see the transit of Venus. It won’t happen again in our lifetimes people…but really you were just looking at the sun through a telescope to see a tiny little black dot in front of it. You can see it in the picture of Andrew with glasses (special glasses that block like 99% of the light so you can look directly at the sun), behind him on the telescope covered in white cloth there’s the sun (bright circle of light) and there’s a tiny little black dot in the upper left corner of the sun…I should have given you a larger picture. Once you’re done looking at that, go find Waldo. Anyway, it’s late, and I seem to be in ¬†weird mood, so if none of my jokes are funny, just ignore them.

With spacy-telecope stuff there always seems to be some event or another that will only occur once every 13,128 years or so. But the kids had a lot of fun, and it was a nice family outing.

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