Nursery Graduation

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On the last Sunday in 2012, Zana and Elira’s nursery leaders held a graduation for all the kids. The photos didn’t turn out very well sadly (totally my lack of photography skills), but it was such a cute little graduation. They had caps and each got a diploma and they each got a scripture bag with their name on it and a mini-sized Book of Mormon.

Zana and Elira have birthdays near the beginning of the year, so they were some of those old nursery kids that are helpful and polite all the time. They were so ready for Sunbeams, and are loving their new class. Their teacher always has some fun projects for them to work on in class.


This year Scott and I are the teachers for Andrew’s class. There are actually 16 kids his age, so we have a class of 8 kids…all boys (the other class is mixed).  We also have 11:00 church, which equates to trying to get Miles to nap in his stroller during half of sacrament meeting and all of second hour. I have commandeered an empty room for that purpose and generally refuse to let anyone in until our class shows up. Poor fourth child. He’s been doing pretty well at napping though, but it does mean that either Scott or I have to be there with him and leave the other to fend for themselves against 8 boys in sharing time. Anyway, I don’t mean to go on forever about that, but we are trying to make the class interesting and enjoyable for Andrew and the other boys.

Miles starts nursery in May, so we’ll see how that shakes up our schedule.


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  1. Ashlee

    No way! Miles canNOT be old enough to start Nursery in May!!! What?!?

    This is the weird part about people moving. Your kids will always be perpetually the age they were when you moved here to me.

    That’s super exciting though!!! Loving the posts 🙂