No, I don’t have a cold, and I haven’t been crying.

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I just keep sneezing.

While playing at a friend’s house the other day, Andrew learned about spray bottles. He learned how to pretend to clean things, squirt it in people’s faces (the girls didn’t like that part), and to drink out of it.

Then the next night, he snuck out of bed. He sometimes does this, but we almost always hear him and just put him back in. This time I didn’t hear him until 30 minutes later. He had gotten one of my body sprays and sprayed it a bunch in our bedroom, and into his mouth (he said that it tasted yucky).

At first I just had to stifle a laugh and tell him not to, and I sent him back to bed. Later, I realized the larger problem.

After Scott and I went to bed, I began to feel a ton of pressure in my sinuses. After about an hour I couldn’t stand it, so I slept downstairs on the couch. It turns out that I must be allergic to this particular body spray, because also whenever I wear it I have to hold my breath while the mist of it is still in the air or else it makes me cough a little and tickles my throat. Now I’ve been having allergy problems since then.

It was really cute to see him trying to play new games at home, but I doubt he’s liked my grouchy, sneezy-ness since then.

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