New Pictures: Baby Miles and Christmas

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New pictures of our winter adventures are up here and here.

4 Responses to “New Pictures: Baby Miles and Christmas”

  1. Ashlee

    So cute! It looks like you had a great time with your sister… who has the exact same smile as you! Your family genes are strong… as manifested in your children. Very cute. Loved the Christmas trees btw. Were those rice crispies or cakes?

    • Catherine

      Thanks! We had a ton of fun while they were here. The Christmas trees were actually just ice cream cones. We were going to try to bake brownies inside them, but ran out of time, so we just decorated the cones.

  2. Grandma & Grandpa Healey

    Loved every picture. I didn’t know you played the clarinet. That is what I played when in High School.
    It is so fun to see pictures of each our you. It was nice you could be with your sister and her family.
    We love you lots. Grandmna & Grandpa Helaey