New Era = New Challenges

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Andrew’s been growing up so fast. Just this week he’s learned some new things that really open up a new era for us.

  1. Potty Training: We’ve just started letting Andrew try using the toilet, so he can test it out. My question is, what do you do when your little boy’s stream doesn’t come straight out like it should, but instead comes out shooting up at a 45 degree angle? I’m thinking Lysol wipes!
  2. “All Done”: Andrew can climb out of his bed now and can skip a nap. He comes walking down the stairs and calmly informs me that he’s “all done.” Last night he got out of his bed when we put him down for the night too. I think he smelled the cookies Scott and I were enjoying by ourselves.
  3. “Watch”: The little guy just learned this word yesterday, and has already said it 100 times. I guess we can look forward to his endless gymnastics and daredevil tricks, being always commanded to “Mommy, Daddy watch!”

So, I’m just a little nervous for all this craziness.

Oh, I think we should add a number 4: Zana and Elira can climb stairs.

3 Responses to “New Era = New Challenges”

  1. kim

    Yes, “watch” will become his favorite new word. Until he starts on stuff like “why”. It just requires complete patience. Scott asked me thousands of questions when he was little, so just be prepared!

  2. kim

    No way! But Andrew is just like you, so I would call it karma instead of payback!