Mud mess

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A couple of days ago, the kids were playing out in the mud, while I was upstairs doing a few things. I knew whatever they were getting mud on couldn’t be as bad as the cloud dough fiasco we had a few months ago (that stuff still isn’t totally off the patio), so I wasn’t too concerned. As expected, I came downstairs to mud on the patio, some toys, and the side of the house (admittedly there was less mud on the kids than I was expecting).
Me: Guys, don’t put mud on the house. That’s hard to wash off.
Andrew: We didn’t know that.
Me: Just think about things a little before you do them.
Andrew and Ellie: Okay, we will.

Zana (wearing her pink flower sunglasses): We were just in a rush and we forgot to hink…well we hinked, but we just didn’t come up with anything.

Ellie (getting into the making up excuses game): Yeah, it’s just a messy party…and we really wanted to do a shower on the trampoline. We love that.
I cleaned up the mud mess, hosed off the kids in the trampoline and hosed off the whole patio since I was at it, so now it is squeaky clean outside…probably until tomorrow.

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