Miles, who is almost 2 and a half

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I feel like Miles deserves his own post, because he is changing so much lately. (He’s just like Andrew was where he wears the same shirt most of the time, so all the pictures have him in the same thing.) When I was pregnant with Lydia, we kept telling him there was a baby hiding in my tummy. I think it helped or maybe he was just meant to be a big brother because he loves Lydia. He adores her and hugs her and talks to her in the sweetest voice. Becoming a big brother is making Miles grow up so fast though. Suddenly he doesn’t want to ride in a stroller, he wants to run with the big kids.

He is learning to talk suddenly. I love the stage when they go from 10-15 words to full sentences in just a few weeks. He is saying the funniest stuff, and I have so much trouble telling him no when he asks so politely for things. The other day he asked for an M&M, since I was eating them (“em-em a meeee”), and then dropped it. Giggling, he scolded the blue M&M for rolling across the floor saying, “Hey booo (blue), come back boo.” He is always asking me to play with him now. Either I never knew he wanted more one-on-one time, or he’s just using me now that he knows I’ll respond, but he is always asking “Mommy, build a youuu?” or “Read booot a meeee?” He even has give Lydia her nick name. We all call her Bee-uh or maybe I should write it Bea-a. “Baby Lydia” started off as “beebee Li-uh” and morphed to “beebee-uh” and now to just “bee-uh.”

On the down side, he seems to be mad a lot lately. Mostly when I can’t understand what he’s saying or when we don’t let hom go with the big kids. Oh, and he’s started causing trouble with the girls. He likes to take their toys. They don’t know how to respond, because he’s always been the little nice guy, but suddenly he’s taking their stuff or ripping their papers, hitting them, or eating their M&Ms. The girls come running and whining to me about it, which I think was Miles’ main goal in the first place. The he just struts around like they are playing right into his hands. I haven’t really figured out how to handle this one yet. I told the girls to protect their pictures and M&Ms and to try not to make a big whiny show when he is bugging them, but other than that I haven’t found a solution.

Little Miles wants to be so big. He gave up naps back in November, but was coaxed back into them for a bit. Now they are gone for good, but he can be so exhausted from playing so hard some days. He is a really fun guy and loves to make us all laugh. He dances around and jumps and tells jokes until all the older kids are cracking up. He loves to climb up into Andrew’s bunk and sleep by him when he can sneak up there. He is a seriously awesome trampoline jumper. We all love him so much.

Also, he practically potty trained himself, which is awesomeness for mommy.


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