Meet Shai Hulud

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 Oven Mit        Sheeana and Shai Hulud

After burning my hand pulling some corn bread out of the oven, I threw my old oven mit out of the kitchen and vowed to finally get a new one.I now have my very own Shai Hulud or “Old Man of the Desert”…or oven, as the case may be. The sandworms of Dune are the masters of the spice and the desert. My Shai Hulud shall be the master of all things baked and the oven.

Hopefully, I will not become a sandworm as Leto II did when he put a baby sandworm (sandtrout) on his hand:

God Emperor of Dune


The sandtrout squirmed on his hand, elongating, stretching … becoming thin, covering more and more of his hand. No sandtrout had ever before encountered a hand such as this one, every cell supersaturated with spice … Delicately Leto adjusted his enzyme balance … The knowledge from those uncounted lifetimes which blended themselves within him provided the certainty through which he chose the precise adjustments, staving off the death from an overdose which would engulf him if he relaxed his watchfulness for only a heartbeat. And at the same time he blended himself with the sandtrout, feeding on it, feeding it, learning it … He located another, placed it over the first one … Their cilia locked and they became a single membrane which enclosed him to the elbow … This was no longer sandtrout; it was tougher, stronger. And it would grow stronger and stronger … With a terrible singleness of concentration he achieved the union of his new skin with his body, preventing rejection … They were all over his body now. He could feel the pulse of his blood against the living membrane … My skin is not my own.

— Children of Dune

Although, if I do become a sandworm, I will rule the known universe for many millenia.

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  1. SaraCW

    That is so exactly the sandworm! and it so goes on your hand. That’s pretty dangerous. You have to go to some Dune convention and wear that.