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The Great Cromar Blog Catch-Up: Post 5 of 16


That’s me in the red shirt when I was about 4. It’s one of the only/best pictures I have of myself from when I was a kid. Well, I have some others, but the are in a jumbled pile in a shoebox in my closet that I need to organize. Anyway, going through pictures for all these blog posts, I thought the one of Zana (top right) looked a lot like me at that age. The one of Elira (bottom right) isn’t so much of a match, but it was from the same day as the one of Zana, so I put it in.

3 Responses to “Look Alikes”

  1. Shelly O

    Definitely! I thought it was one of the girls in the red shirt! You’re all adorable.

  2. kim

    Cute picture! The girls do look a lot like you. If the picture of you was from another angle, I probably couldn’t tell who is really was.

  3. Emily

    What a lovely picture! I totally thought you were Zana before I read the post. Does Andrew look like Scott did?