Just some funny quotes

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I’ve had a couple of funny quotes from the kids written down for a long time, so I’m just going to post them. That way I can check that off my to-do list.

#1     Elira (yelling at Andrew and Zana): Me gonna write a email to Santa and you gonna get in time out.

(The kids talk about emailing various things to Santa. I think it’s funny that that is their primary form of long distance communication, bypassing the traditional letter to Santa.)

#2     Andrew really wants someone to sleep in his room with him, since he’s the only one who doesn’t share a room. The other day I explained that Scott and I sleep in the same room because we’re married. Now we frequently hear, “I just want to get married right now, so I can have someone to sleep in my room with me.” and “How come I can’t marry you or Daddy?”


In other news, I feel like I’ve been rushing around trying to get things done for a couple of weeks now. With Valentine’s Day, a trip to Chicago, various church activities and the girls’ birthday, I’ve been super busy. Today was nice to stay at home, organize, and get some cleaning done. Organizing always feels so relaxing.

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