Jim and Pam

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Jim and Pam

Thanks to my sister, I am addicted to The Office. It’s practically the only TV show Scott and I watch (and we’ve seen every episode at least 5 times). It’s hilarious. Anyway, I think it is so cute that Jim and Pam are together. I was afraid the writers would drag their “just friends” relationship on forever and torture me. I fully concede that they could still torture me with relationship troubles and a break up, but for now I will enjoy their cuteness. Can’t people on TV just be together, get married and be happy? I have my fingers crossed.

2 Responses to “Jim and Pam”

  1. Jon CW

    Based on your description of watching each episode five times, I think it’s official that you two are far more addicted to The Office than we are. But they are cute. Too bad he’s in love with Karen in real life and she’s going through a divorce.

  2. SaraCW

    Yeah, Jonathan and I are pretty sure that there’s some relationship turmoil yet to come. I hope they resolve it in the end… It’s like Ross and Rachel on friends… they dragged that out a lot.