January, the not so spicy, but still fun, month

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Here’s a riddle to get this post started: What do you get when you take away Christmas, the Cathell-Williams adults and twins, and add a little snow, and still don’t add back school and a normal routine? Answer: January.

It has been a lot quieter since my sister and her family left, but we’ve been having fun too. In a previous post, I mentioned that September needed something to spice it up. I usually feel that way about January too. Most Januaries involve a lot of cold and snow and Scott going back to school and starting to study for that already, so the kids and I are usually on our own stuck at home. This January has been a lot better than that. We had a patch of warm weather and even went outside without coats, so I don’t feel like winter is dragging on and on…at least not yet. Ask me again in March and we’ll see. Scott hasn’t started school yet either, so we’ve been doing a lot of fun stuff with him. That said, January still isn’t the “spiciest” month.

To keep us entertained (because you can’t have three un-entertained preschoolers and still maintain your sanity) we’ve been doing a lot of family activities around Champaign and neighboring cities. See that line on Andrew’s right eye in the top left picture above? That’s snot that came loose from dropping off a high bar into a foam pit during open gymnastics. We also enjoyed a second trip to the Children’s Museum of Illinois in Decatur, this time with our friends the Newtons (the first was with the Cathell-Williamses)…there was no snot involved there. So that, and hanging out at home with Daddy has been our January so far.

And here are some more pictures of Miles, because he’s so cute and he smiles now.

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