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Throughout the summer we had to work pretty hard to keep the kids entertained. That led to a whole bunch of really fun family activities and the occasional desperate trip to Target to play with the toys there. We found an awesome park in Irvine that neither of us had ever heard about: Irvine Regional Park. It had a little train to ride around on, a little zoo that was practically free and bikes and paddle boats to rent. The picture above is when we rented a bike that Scott and I could peddle and the kids sat three-across on the back bench. We took them for a little tour of the park, which had horse and hiking trails, playgrounds and volleyball courts and horseshoe pits. It’s the perfect place to play at and have a barbecue on Memorial Day…except when we actually went on Memorial Day and the whole place filled up and we almost didn’t get in, but it turned out fun in the end.

We also tried really hard to eat enough In N Out cheeseburgers, which is our favorite fast food ever. It’s probably the only burger place that never makes me feel gross after eating. I actually end up thinking, “that was really fresh and actually fairly healthy.” A popular burger chain in from the east coast, Five Guys, is making a play for the west coast market and some new restaurants opened up in Irvine. It gets a lot of hype, but we thought it was really just okay. So don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, In N Out has the best burgers anywhere.


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  1. Catherine

    I just found a little note to myself about something funny Andrew said on our desperate trip to Target. We had been playing with the boy toys for nearly an hour and we made our way into a girl toys aisle. Andrew took one look around and asked, “but is there anything to play with and makes noises?”