Ice Monster

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The kids wanted to play “ice monster” with Scott the other night, which is basically where Scott crunches down on the floor in a ball, and the kids try to get close to him or touch him. If he touches them, then they get frozen.
They started off coming up with rule, after rule, after rule
“Daddy, you can-not move.”
“Daddy, no tickling.”
“We have to have no real lights, just the one flashlight. Daddy, daddy, did you hear me?”
I don’t know what else, but the rules went on for a good 10 minutes.


It was really not a very fair game for Scott.
Scott: I got you. YOU’re frozen.
Andrew: Daddy! If you freeze us by the couch, we can just touch the couch and get un-frozen.
Scott: Tag, you’re frozen.
Andrew: No, when we’re not touchiung the carpet the wood unfreezes us.
Scott: Andrew, I can’t freeze you, because you keep making rules about how you’re not frozen.
Andrew: But Daddy, you didn’t freeze me.


So, Scott grabbed Andrew and put him down in the middle of the carpet, nowhere near the couch or any of the other things that would unfreeze him. And tagged him.
Andrew: It doesn’t count, you just put me there. I’m not frozen.
Scott: Of course you’re not.

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