How to respond?

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A few minutes ago I woke up from a nap I was taking in Andrew’s room because I could hear chairs scooting around the kitchen and kids voices downstairs. The first thing I heard was Andrew saying, “Girls, do you think we’re going to die from all this candy? I don’t think so.” Not the most comforting thing to wake up to.

The kids had trucked a bunch of toys into the ┬ádining room for a “campout” and were eating snacks on the floor…specifically, they were eating the M&M’s out of trail mixes (hence the trail mix remains on the floor), fruit snacks, and drinking Capri Suns, all of which are special treats from having rotated out our 72-hour kit food supply. Also, they had spilled dry pasta all over the floor.

So, my question to you is, what is the correct parental response to finding the above situation?

  • a. Get mad and explain that they know the snacks they normally get and shouldn’t take advantage of me sleeping.
  • b. Just skip the lecture and clean it up with their help, because it was my fault for taking a nap. (In my defense they were in Andrew’s room when I fell asleep. I usually only let myself doze off if I can hear them and will be awoken by any suspicious noises.)
  • c. Not let them eat any more of the special treats as punishment for getting them out by themselves.

So far, I’ve opted for just taking a picture and writing a blog post…probably not the strongest option. Better get to cleaning it or something.

3 Responses to “How to respond?”

  1. Ashlee

    Haha! Bless you for posting this! I am going to be giggling about it for quite some time! I love the picture, and I LOVE what you over heard Andrew say. Too funny!

    And in answer to your question… I don’t know the right answer! I think I would have to laugh, at least a little to myself, and then talk with them about it? Have them help clean?!? I like both of those. But at the end of the day you either laugh or cry, so I am a fan of laughing!

  2. Emily

    I couldn’t help but laugh at this one! At least you know they are smart and resourceful, and IF for some reason they had to find food for themselves, they would at least know where all the good stuff is ­čÖé I wish I had the answer to your question, but I doubt getting angry about it ever makes anyone feel better. Much better to laugh it off and make them help you clean it up!