Hodnetts’ Visit

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Fun at Home

Ooops, somehow these pictures didn’t get uploaded to WordPress, so this post didn’t get counted in the original 16. After New Year’s our good friends from law school Mike and Stephanie Hodnett were driving through Southern California. Somehow, I didn’t get any pictures of Stephanie, and I really wish I had one of the two of us. You can read her take on the visit here, and confirm that Steph really was there.

We hadn’t been to the beach since October, so the kids really enjoyed it. Miles was kept getting more and more wet until suddenly he got cold. Then it wasn’t fun anymore. I had to carry him all around cuddling him to warm him up. He’s fun to cuddle with though, so I liked it. To finish off the day, we had dinner at In-N-Out. I know you’re jealous.


2 Responses to “Hodnetts’ Visit”

  1. Shelly O

    I am jealous! We were near them in Tx and didn’t get to one. Bummer!!

  2. Stephanie

    We had so much fun visiting you guys and going to the beach! We’ll plan on getting together next time we’re in the neighborhood 🙂

    I am enjoying all your blog catch-up, even though I don’t comment much. I love seeing all the fun things you are doing and how much the kids are growing!