Happy Teeth Day!

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Andrew’s top two front teeth came in! Yay, yay, yay! Did I mention, “yay?”

The past two weeks were ridiculous as Andrew was in much pain and couldn’t sleep well. His nose was running a bit (because of teething), which was giving him a cough, which was also keeping him up at night. Plus he had a fever for a few days. Plus he lost his appetite. Double Plus UnGood.

But now his swollen gums have gone down, and two little sharp lines have popped through. He’s already sleeping better, and he has stopped clinging to my leg and crying at me everywhere I go during the day. We’ve gotten to play together and take some nice naps. So I say, “yay!”

2 Responses to “Happy Teeth Day!”

  1. Grandma Kim

    I’m so happy you are both feeling better!

    Lots of love to all of you – Kim

  2. Grandma Kim

    I am so happy you are both feeling better! Send a picture soon of those new teeth!

    We love you all so much – Kim