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Zana and Elira are talking more and more. They love to copy each other and repeat everything 50 times, and every day they remind me more and more of this (Scott was freaked out by this as kid, so sorry if I bring back any childhood nightmares):

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After lunch the other day, the girls and I had a funny conversation. They had me put their backpacks on, then they had me put their shoes on them, which they always do, so I didn’t suspect the mischievousness they were up to.

Then both walked together towards the door waving bye to me and saying “layni,” which is their word for “see you later.” Playing along, I asked:

Catherine: Where are you going?
Elira: (pointing outside and opening door)
C: You’re going outside?
E: Yeah, cah (which means car).
Zana:  Cah, cah.
C: Oh, you want to go in the car?
E: Yeah.
C: Just you guys?
E: Yeah, (pointing to Zana and herself) Nana, me, Nana, me, cah.
C: Are you going to drive the car?
E: Yeah, layni (waving goodbye).
C: Where are you going to go?
E: Cah.
(She didn’t understand this line of questioning.)
C: No, where are you going to drive the car to?
E: Cah. Pack pack (i.e. backpack).
C: You’re just going to go out to the car, the two of you, and drive it somewhere?
E: Yeah.

At this point I thought we were all just playing pretend, but then they opened the door and started outside again, so I jumped off the couch and ran to them real quick and was like, “no, wait. You guys can’t actually go out to the car without mommy, (plus it was snowing out).” They were like, “Cah, cah, cah, cah,” a hundred times. Then they resumed with:

E: Pack pack. Cah.
Z: (showing me her backpck) Pack pack, pack pack.
C: Oh, so you just need a backpack and you can go to the car on your own.
Andrew: Yeah, the babies want to go to preschool, like I just do.
Z: Pack pack, cah.
E: Yeah.

I guess I wear my backpack diaper bag around too much. In the end, I managed to convince them to take their backpacks and go on a trip upstairs instead of out to the car.

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  1. Monica

    That is hilarious! And that is one of my favorite skits on Sesame Street. I love it!