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Sometime around Easter the kids started to really understand the doctrine of Jesus’ resurrection (although, I’m still scared that they don’t understand that although we will one day be resurrected, death is a pretty permanent thing.) A bit later I overheard this conversation:

Andrew: We’re superheroes and we have to save people before they are dead. (Runs off across the yard to save someone.)

Zana: Yeah, and Jesus save people before they are dead.

Ellie: No, Jesus save people affer they are already dead.

Andrew: Yeah, we’re superheroes, so we need to save them before they are dead. Then, if they are already dead, Jesus will come and save them.


Elira’s thoughts on dreams.

Elira: Mommy, you know how I turn my dreams nice, when I have bad dreams?

Zana: Wif God. (Sometimes, we tell them to say a prayer to have God take ways their bad dreams.)

Elira: No, not wif God. I use my power with the dress up clothes spelling wand, and I use it to change my dreams nice.


Zana has this thing lately with acting out conversations with Santa. She plays both roles, so she’s basically talking to herself as Santa. Maybe it’s her way of coping with possible Christmas disappointments, but Santa always starts out kinda mean, until Zana talks him into getting what she wants. Case in point:

Zana as Zana: Santa, can you get me a dog and a cat, pease pease, pease?

Zana as Santa: No. I can get you one pesant, but not a wot pesants.

Zana as Zana: Oh, but I wike a wot pesants…Oh wait a second Santa, everyone have to get a wot pesents. “I forgot,” said Santa.

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  1. Kim

    These are awesome. I am so glad that you write them down because 20 years from now they will be even more priceless! And the one about Santa – that is awesome! She wants lots of stuff and is trying to make sure she gets them. Too funny!