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My favorite part of other people’s blogs is always the funny things their kids say. Up till now I haven’t had anything to write about our kids, because all the funny stuff required too much translation from Andrew Language to English, and I am the only certified translator. Lately though, Andrew says the funniest things.

One day during lunch, I had said Andrew could have some chips if he ate some real food and told him to eat all the apple I gave him. He sat in his high chair eating and watching a movie, until a whole 2 hours later Andrew calls to me in the kitchen,”Oh, mommy. I finish my appult. Need some chips now.”

He also is confused between some signals his body send him.
Andrew (in a small voice in high chair, after watching a movie): Mommy, I’m (mumble mumble)
Mommy: You’re what? Are you all done?
A: No, getting cold.
M: Oh, do you need a sweatshirt?
A: Huh uh, need to pee outside!

Andrew has become a super polite guy. He always is appreciative of the work we do for him. After Scott finished weedwacking the back yard yesterday…
Andrew: Daddy, you done cutting the dass?
Daddy: Huh? Oh, yeah buddy.
A (exclaims): Oh, Good job Daddy!
(Mommy gets this a lot after finishing cleaning the kitchen or doing the dishes or whatever else. He also exclaims, “Oh, tank choo mommy,” when I give him something that he wanted.)

As Scott and I were cooking dinner the other night, we look over to Elira sitting in her high chair to see Andrew holding her arms in a crossed position. She didn’t mind, but Scott asked, “What are you doing Andrew?” To which he replied very matter of factly, “I putting Ellie in time out for throwing her bagel on the floor.” At this point Ellie thought, “Oh, that’s what’s going on? I’m mad now.” We had a hard time not laughing in front of Andrew, but I kept giggling about it for hours.

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