First Crush

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I usually have to pry information about his days at school out of Andrew, but today he supplied some information all on his own. Out of the blue he says, in a kind of wistful voice and a sigh, “Mommy, there’s this really cute girl in my class, in a pretty blue dress. And it makes me…it makes me think I will get married to her. *Sighs and smiles*”

This is the first time he’s commented about a girl…is kindergarten too young? It was pretty funny. Then he continued,

“She always sticks her tummy out. That makes her cute.”

I don’t know what the tummy sticking out thing is. Mid-drift showing? Zana and Ellie like to show us how full they are after meals by sticking out their tummies, maybe it’s something like that? I don’t know. Then,

“Sometimes she sits by me.”

Anyway, I don’t know which girl it is. I’m interested to see how this develops. How old were your kids when they seemed genuinely interested in a girl or boy?

2 Responses to “First Crush”

  1. Ashlee

    Too funny! Neither Jack or Alaster has said anything like that! Aly still thinks of girls as basically no different than boys… although he did tell me his best friend is a girl, and that was “okay actually.” Jack is in the “I don’t like to play with girls,” phase… unless the girls are interested in playing more rough, boy type games.

    Anyway. Cute story! Miss you guys!

  2. Kim

    It is just so scary that he is already saying things like that. You have to check out this little girl and let us know what shes like!