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Annually, in the beginning of March, UIUC Engineering holds its Engineering Open House. Apparently it’s a pretty big deal, and for a couple of days the school was overrun by visitors of all ages. There were a lot of cool things to see, including robot wars and contests, a Rube Goldberg Machine contest, and a musical Tesla coil presentation. We went in the evening to see the Tesla coils in action, even though it was pretty cold. I had seen these things on videos before, but I wanted to see what it was like in person. The music was played by Mark Smart by way of the Continuum Fingerboard, an instrument invented by UIUC professor Lippold Haken. (The fingerboard has been used for music in a number of recent movies, and will be featured in the upcoming “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”.) Anyway, I took some pictures and some video while we were there.

IMG_3205.jpg IMG_3213.jpg IMG_3214.jpg IMG_3215.jpg

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A little while back Catherine took some video of Andrew when he was in his “sleepy state”, either just as he was waking up, or as he was falling asleep. He’s a pretty slow waker-upper.

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Usually though, Andrew is super active. It has become nearly impossible to change his diaper because he won’t lay still for more than a few seconds. Sometimes if he’s really going crazy, we have to put his new diaper on when he is standing up. He loves to stand up and walk around.

He’s also started talking more recently, but we haven’t been very successful getting his talking on video yet.

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A few more pictures of Andrew and his mischief:

IMG_3220.jpg IMG_3222.jpg IMG_3254.jpg IMG_3244.jpg IMG_3238.jpg IMG_3241.jpg IMG_3243.jpg IMG_3198.jpg IMG_3199.jpg

He even helped me set up the new printer. What a helpful little guy.

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